The definitive way
to track your cards

We track your spending and manage your credit cards better than a spreadsheet.
  • Comprehensive card management: Monitor, track, and manage all credit cards in one dashboard.
  • Personalized spending goals: Set and track targets for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual spending.
  • Seamless product switching: View timeline, past details, transactions, and retained goals of switched cards.
  • Powerful insights and analysis: Gain valuable spending insights, track points per transaction, and make informed decisions.

Compile all your data in one spot

  • Centralized card management – Easily monitor and manage all your credit cards in one place.
  • Quick search functionality – Find specific cards and transactions instantly with the integrated search bar.
  • Sort and filter options – Customizable sorting and filtering.

Quickly view card details

  • Comprehensive card details – Access essential information like date opened, status, and annual fee.
  • Reward bonus breakdown – View detailed information on reward bonuses and their specific terms.
  • Net fee tracking – Monitor the net fee paid over the years, providing insights into card expenses.
  • Total points earned – Stay updated on the cumulative points earned based on transaction data.

Manage product switches

  • Timeline of product switched cards – Easily view a chronological timeline of all your product switched cards for quick reference.
  • Past card details – Access comprehensive information about your past product switched cards, including date opened, status, and annual fee.
  • Transaction details – Review transaction history for each product switched card, allowing you to track your spending and manage expenses effectively.
  • Retained spending goals – View the spending goals you had set for your past product switched cards to maintain continuity in your financial planning.
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